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Easy Vegan BLT w/ Optional Spicy Slaw

Nearly every vegan I know has tried various versions of the vegan BLT sandwich. It’s interesting because only one of the main ingredients in a traditional BLT isn’t vegan. I mean lettuce and tomato stacked to the ceiling is vegan and delicious.

It’s the ‘bacon’ part of the vegan version of the BLT that is challenging. And that is why when I found this recipe it became my new favorite. You can whip up the tempeh bacon in this recipe in just minutes. There is no long marinating process or leaving it to prep over night. You simply season it, cook and eat! And this recipe even has a quick video you can follow if you like.

easy vegan blt 2

Get this really easy and delicious recipe for vegan bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich below. Just look at how delicious this Vegan BLT looks. And it taste even better. You can season and fry up the tempeh bacon in just minutes!

easy tempeh bacon

The great thing about this recipe is it also comes with a quick and easy video to follow if you need help. Get this delicious recipe from Healthy Happy Life by clicking here

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