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Easy Vegan Spice Cake With Cream Cheese Frosting

The hardest part of making this delicious vegan spice cake with cream cheese frosting? Waiting for to cool so you can eat it! If you are a fan of really tasty vegan desserts that are easy to prepare, you must try this easy vegan recipe.

Just looking at this beauty makes your mouth water. Three massive layers of incredible spice cake. Each layer is more light, fluffy and bouncy than the last. And the spice flavor is dialed up to perfection with the simplest of ingredients. And let’s not forget that amazing cream cheese frosting. It’s not exactly a vegan diet food, but hey, who’s counting right?

vegan dessert spice cake with cream cheese frosting recipe

Yes it’s perfectly vegan and yes you will love it. In fact it’s worth saving this recipe just for the vegan cream cheese recipe alone. You will find many uses for it in the future for other recipes. If you want a great vegan holiday recipe for dessert this one is delicious and a break from the old standard pumpkin pie.

The Lazy Vegan Baker created this easy vegan recipe which explains why it’s so simple to prepare. They also provided the tempting photos and you can get the recipe on their site by clicking here.

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