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Easy Yogurt Recipe Using Only Two Ingredients

Everyone has their thing they really missed after going vegan. I missed yogurt. I started looking for a good vegan yogurt recipe last year and finally found one I loved. If you want a yogurt recipe that is simple, vegan, and taste amazing then give this one a try.

I know there are several non-dairy yogurt products on the market. I have tried nearly all of them and they never taste quite right to me. I really miss that genuine tangy, creamy, yogurt taste that I used to love so much. This easy vegan yogurt recipe really is so good. Finally, yogurt is a delicious vegan food again. You will love this easy homemade yogurt recipe.

The question most people have about making their own yogurt recipe is at home is if you need a yogurt starter. They want to know how to make vegan yogurt without starter. If you have never heard of a vegan starter kit then you may be interested. I have used them before and my favorite one was this vegan starter kit. You can click that link and try it if you want. It’s easy to make and some people prefer the simplicity of having a kit to use.


I really prefer to make this recipe myself at home. The yogurt making process is easier than you may think. You don’t need yogurt starter or anything complicated at all. In fact it’s just two ingredients. You will just need some unsweetened soy milk and a good probiotic. I have to tell you that the probiotic you use is very important. I highly recommend you use this Ultimate Flora Probiotic. It has 100 billion cultures, it works perfectly for this recipe, and it doesn’t have any kind of weird taste.

I know there are some vegan yogurt recipes out there that use almond milk but I do not like them. I have tried a few. If you can’t consume soy for medical reasons then those are you options. Otherwise I would avoid vegan almond milk yogurt recipes. You will love this one made with soy milk. The way it turns out you can either have a lighter yogurt product or a thicker greek yogurt consistency.

You will love this easy homemade yogurt recipe. It’s so tangy and delicious and easy to make. Learn how to make this vegan yogurt recipe with only two ingredients on the next page below.

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