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Epic Black Bean Burrito Bowl

I know we just posted taco bowl recipes. Hey, I love Mexican inspired foods. They are so easy to make vegan and they are just so delicious. This black bean burrito bowl is no exception.

I love things that are simple to make but taste amazing. Have you ever spent 3 hours making something that was just, “ok?” I have. I’d much rather make something in 15 minutes that blows my taste buds away. This is a dish like that! So much vegan bang for the buck.

So many complex flavors and textures with black beans, cilantro, lime, veggies galore, and brown rice or quinoa. Plus you can feel free to add your own custom ingredients that you like and make it perfect for you. And then you add the vegan nacho sauce on top, along with a spoon of this incredible vegan sour cream, and you are in burrito heaven!

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