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Epic Vegan Seitan Burger

Everyone has a different kind of vegan food obsession. I’ll be honest, mine is usually fruit. Watermelon specifically. My significant other loves burgers. They could eat vegan burgers every day of the week.

If you have a lot of omnivore friends that can often make a vegan feel left out when they are grilling out. I can’t tell you how many jokes I have endured because of my vegan diet at the summer gathering and outdoor barbecues.

epic vegan seitan burger recipe

I have brought a lot of really delicious food to those gatherings too. Not only that, but it was food that people loved to eat. But they still laughed at me for eating my fruit and veggies. They really laugh at commercial products like vegan hotdogs.

I can tell you that no one laughs when we cook up this epic vegan seitan burger on the grill. Seitan is the ultimate hearty beef alternative in the vegan world. The texture is very ‘meat like’ and the flavors can be amazing.

You can even make seitan steaks to toss on the grill if you like. I don’t care for them that much but she does. They look really good up there cooking on the grill. The only problem is getting people to keep the disgusting meat far away.

If you don’t have any experience with making vegan burgers from seitan then don’t be apprehensive. I remember being overwhelmed at the thought of it when I first tried. But it’s really something the average vegan cook can do.

You must check out this vegan burger recipe and these great pics courtesy of Vegan Sandra. You can get the recipe for this Epic Vegan Seitan Burger by clicking here.

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