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7 Fascinating Facts About Vegans and Veganism

I never get tired of learning new facts about vegans and veganism. One of our most popular articles ever was about interesting vegan facts. If you missed it you can read it here. It’s a more light hearted and interesting look at veganism.

Of course there are all of the serious facts too. Many of them are the reasons why a lot of us became vegan. And then there are the many scientific facts about veganism, mainly used to refute the silly claims made by meat eaters. We have an excellent article on that as well. It’s called 18 scientific facts about veganism to silence the critics.

This article will be much more fun that that. We look at vegans in history, famous vegans, veganism in pop culture and some interesting things about vegan food.

Vegan Fact #1

Famous vegan, vegan movie stars, and vegans from history are always fascinating to me. This particular little tidbit is a particular favorite of mine because it involves on of my favorite actors and one of my favorite movies!

woody harrelson twinkies

You may not have known that Woody Harrelson is a strict vegan. For his role in the movie “Zombieland” they had to make special vegan twinkies for him because he would not eat regular twinkies. I own that video and every time I watch it I think about all those unhealthy but delicious vegan twinkies in that truck!!!

Vegan Fact #2

As I mentioned on the previous fact, I love reading about vegans from history. What is really fascinating is that hundreds of years ago there were vegans. Can you imagine being vegan when 99.999999% of the world isn’t? Today only about 4% of the population is vegan and that is small. But back in those days a vegan was unheard of. Imagine the discipline it must have too to be vegan then.

abraham lincoln vegan

Many brilliant people in history were reportedly vegan, such as: Nicola Tesla, Aristotle, Pythagoras, Albert Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci, Abraham Lincoln. I bet every single one of them had to answer the same questions too. “Hey Einstein, where do you get your protein?!?!”

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