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5 Reasons Why Vegans Are Good At Sex

Vegans are better at sex because of their diet. Yes, the food that we eat is important in keeping our libido high or low. An article from Men’s Health enlightens us why vegan men are able to give better pleasure to their partners.

Instead of eggs and ham for breakfast, vegans who go for whole-grain oats or other whole-grain food are able to boost the testosterone in the bloodstream which is responsible for the libido. It also allows for the penis to remain erect during intercourse.

Female’s also have traces of testosterone within our body which has the function to bring usΒ into the mood. Since our diet has whole-grains, our testosterone levels are more or less optimal and our partners won’t have any complaints about being a wet blanket on the bed.


See what I just did there?

The reason on the next page just might be the most interesting of all.

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