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5 Reasons Why Vegans Are Good At Sex

As mentioned in the previous page, the vegan diet has something to do with their excellence in bedroom matters. Quoting from Health Psychology instructor, β€œYou are what you eat.”

If you recall back in basic science classes, we have the food chain and humans are usually at the end of the chain. Depending which part of the food chain are we eating our food from, we are also eating what is being eaten or absorbed by that organisms. Vegans who take in plant-based food has the most nutrients because the plants only absorb the sun’s rays to conduct photosynthesis. On the other hand, carnivores who eat meat from farmed pigs, cows and the like and when they will be butchered, they have high amounts of stress. These stress hormones are transferred to humans.


Can you see the connection?

According to Mind Body Green, a vegan diet can change the chemistry of our body. This results to emitting sweeter smells and making vegans more attractive in bed.

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