Forget Wrinkle Treatments: Eat These 5 Foods!

Every woman worries at least a little bit about aging. My mom, who is the most down to earth person I know, does a vigorous face cleansing system every day. She isn't vain or conceited. She just wants to look her best no matter what her age is. And she doesn't like to use wrinkle creams or those pricey wrinkle treatments. So she is all natural and vegan with her skin care.

After doing some research on anti-aging foods and how they affect the skin I have found 5 foods I will be eating every day. My mom has started eating them too! Their youth benefits are amazing. I think you can never be too young to start taking care of your skin right? Your skin is your bodies largest organ after all. If you can begin a plan to introduce these foods into your diet on a regular basis you could see dramatic changes in your skin over time. And unlike the effect or wrinkle creams or other synthetic products, the results will be natural and long lasting.


avocado skin care cream - Forget Wrinkle Treatments: Eat These 5 Foods!

You may know that avocados are high in fat. But did you know that's a good thing? Especially if you are looking for young healthy skin! They provide your body and your skin eight essential fatty acids. These EFA's keep skin cells healthy and vibrant. An avocado also contains certain oils that moisturize your skin. And as if that weren't enough it boost collagen levels. Last but not least, avocados contain sterolins which are amazing for dry skin. You will see this ingredient used in a lot of commercial skin care products. So eat more avocados if you want to look younger and have amazing skin.


blueberries wrinkle treatment - Forget Wrinkle Treatments: Eat These 5 Foods!

Antioxidants neutralize free radicals in the body. This slows down the aging process. On the inside and out. Especially your skin. Blueberries are one of the best sources of antioxidants you can eat. They are also high in vitamin C which not only boost your immune system, it also contributes to healthier blood vessel walls. Have you ever seen splotchy skin? This is usally from busted or weakened capillaries. Keeping them strong and healthy can prevent you from ever having splotchy skin. And unlike using possibly unsafe face creams, blueberries are safe and delicious!

Three more foods are continued on the next page below including the most delicious of them all!


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