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Free Vegan Holiday Cookbook

We have tried to post some valuable information about how to get through the holidays as a vegan. We have visitors on the site that are just starting as well as those who have been vegan for decades. Our two articles on holiday recipes have tried to cater to everyone. Now we want to tell you about a FREE Vegan Holiday Cookbook, the “Vegan Survival Guide For The Holidays.” This is a great book written by two pretty famous people, Ed Begley Jr. and Jerry James Stone. It’s full of Vegan Holiday recipes and Vegan ideas for surviving the holidays. So who are the the authors?

Jerry James Stone, A vegetarian of 25 years, is a car and technology writer for Discovery Channel and the producer and developer for TreeHugger’s Green Wine Guide. He also contributes regularly to MAKE magazine, The Atlantic, and Fodor’s Travel Guides. This is not his first book venture so he has some experience. He previously published the hilariously titled “Holidazed: A Cocktail Cookbook for Getting Lit on Christmas.”

Ed Begley Jred bagley jr. is best know for his many acting roles on Television and the big screen. You probably know his from his roles on 7th Heaven, Arrested Development, Six Feet Under, Battle Star Galactica, The West Wing, Batman Forever, Scrubs, Star Trek and numerous others. He is a 25 year vegan and also an activist for animal rights and environmental causes. He put some of his experience as a 25 year vegan into the book which is really good stuff.

They have made this book available for free! I have read it and it’s definitely worth a look. You can download it on your phone, tablet or PC on the next page.

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