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Fried Tofu Sandwich

The inspiration for this fried tofu sandwich comes from many places. Primarily it’s for my brother who insist on some kind of fried sandwich for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I swear he could eat some version of a fried sandwich three times a day. Of course there is no meat cooked in my house so I needed a delicious substitute.

The truth is that my brother gets his craving for a fried breakfast sandwich from my mom who had a fried pork chop sandwich at least three days a week. This meant that us kids had the same thing a lot of mornings. Hers was loaded up with friend porkchop, dripping in grease and topped with mayo, lettuce, tomato and cheese.

My version is a lot healthier and less cruel. This beautiful vegan fried breakfast sandwich is still crispy and delicious. I’ve never had any complaints about it yet. You only need three ingredients to get started. Get the recipe on the next page.

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