Vegan Diet Before and After. From Junk Food Junkies to Vegan Marathon Runners

This is one of the most amazing vegan weight loss success stories I have ever seen. It’s about more than losing weight and a vegan diet. It’s about what’s possible in a relationship, the power of food and the power of change!

When I first read about Robert and Jessica Foster my mind was blown! They were a couple from Boulder Colorado and they were very overweight and unhealthy. But they didn’t just continue to live that way. They did something about it! Their last hope was a vegan diet.

What was their motivation? Their kids. I wish more parents could see that their children will grow up eating and living the same as their parents. If you want your children to be active and healthy you have to do it by example. This was something this amazing couple realized. Robert told CNN, “‘It got to the point where we realized it didn’t matter what we fed them, If we weren’t eating the same way or if we were overeating, they were going to follow our example.’

The chose to lose weight by starting a vegan diet. It’s been proven time and time again that going vegan is the best path to weight loss. You won’t believe how much it changed the Fosters lives. The lost an amazing combined 280 pounds! See their amazing before and after pictures and exactly what they did below.

Robert and Jessice completely transformed their lives by choosing a vegan diet. They gave up things like cheeseburgers and traded them for healthy vegan food.

How did Robert and Jessica get to the point they decided to go vegan and change their lives? Jessica said,

“There was that point I hated myself so much. I wasn’t giving them the full me because I was disgusted,’ she said of her family. You have to look in the mirror and say, “Am I going to allow this to continue or am I going to stand up and make those changes?” A light turned on upstairs.”

They went vegan, they began cooking all of their meals at home, and they starting moving and being active. Before long they had run their first 5k marathon. And since then they have gone even further. Just check out their pics now!

vegan weight loss success

Photo Courtesy of Daily Mail

You can read more about their amazing story from the Daily Mail here.

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Mulholland Lucy via Facebook says

U will definitely lose weight doing this,I’ve seen it

Amber Nicole via Facebook says

Anna Winter insane.

Rebel Walker via Facebook says

I’ve lost 95 going vegan it’s the best but besides the weight loss it saves lives

Danny Belthius via Facebook says

My girlfriend and i collectively lost 350ish lbs in 3 years. Its a good feeling. I literally lost 50% of my body weight.

Liz Roberta Harding via Facebook says

Would love it if this were true for everyone, but it isn’t. Go vegan for the humanity of it, not the weight loss. Not all vegans are waifs.

Kara Straley via Facebook says

My boyfriend and I went Vegan, we gained weight! Hahaha

Brooke Bautista via Facebook says

So far I’ve lost 60lbs since we changed to a vegan lifestyle 8 months ago and my husband dropped 25lbs!! We feel so amazing. Not tired all the time no more headaches only positive from the change!!

Christina Burleson via Facebook says

Great story! But, what’s a 5k marathon?

Olivia Santangelo via Facebook says

Emily Staggs show Kathy!!!

Yesenia TheJukebox Pena via Facebook says

I experimented going vegan for about a month and also gained weight. I was just looking to become healthier though and I achieved it because it’s what helped me get pregnant. I am not vegan now but I still love trying vegan foods. I think it’s a wonderful lifestyle that has benefits for everyone.

Lyle Caine via Facebook says

I’ve gone vegan and I’m not losing any.

Allyson N. Jason via Facebook says

Going vegan doesn’t automatically equal weight loss. It implies that all foods that would be vegan naturally or intentionally are low calorie, low fat, and have little to no processing or heavy ingredients.

Oreos are vegan. Many cakes and doughnuts are vegan, Lots of vegan meals can be rich with creamy nut dressings and oils. Fries are vegan if cooked in vegetable oil and in a dedicated fryer. Other fried dishes are vegan. Fattening sandwiches, pasta dishes, and shakes can be vegan.

The point is that vegan foods (including drinks and desserts) can be quite rich, decadent, and hearty. And if you eat a lot of those foods often without getting regular exercise, you will still have extra weight while being vegan. And you can GAIN extra weight WHILE being vegan.

And not all vegans are thin. That is a destructive and foolhardy myth that so many people assume…even other vegans, strangely enough.

No matter what dietary lifestyle you follow, efforts in getting regular exercise and making healthy nutritional choices must be made. It’s not an automatic thing. Even raw food desserts can be rich. They are made with BETTER ingredients, but they can still be rich and overeaten.

Beatriz Monterola via Facebook says

Alberto Ortega hello I’m waiting for your commitment husband

Starrlite McLaurin-Childs via Facebook says

I’m temporarily trying vegan and I’ve already lost 10 lbs or more less than a month. More importantly I’m gaining energy.

Nicole Sedlacek via Facebook says

I want to go vegan but cheese is such a hard sacrifice to make :'( lol

Amy Fitzpatrick via Facebook says

Eating healthy is the key

Julia N Julian via Facebook says

Alberto Medellin Lets go Vegan…together!!???!!!!

Samantha Powell via Facebook says

I’m trying vegetarian first. Or flexitarian that is lol. I am not ready to give up cheese or the occasional egg. I have to transition my whole family too and my husband has no interest in giving up meat or dairy.

Csillag Marietta via Facebook says

Such a beautiful family. ??

Claire Canero via Facebook says

Wow you look great!!!!

Clare Lord via Facebook says

Mandy See! Sod your shakes and herbal nonsense, vegan is the way forward 🙂 xxxxxxxxxx

Sarah Elizabeth Young via Facebook says

Wish I did. I’ve been vegan for years and actually gained weight 🙁

Ashley McCollum via Facebook says

Same thing for me! Vegan changed everything. Follow my instagram Hawaii_veganfamily

Sandra Real Munoz via Facebook says

For me works different I gain 9 pounds more ; (

Patricia D Crowder via Facebook says

Tyicia Crowder Emily Nicole Crowder

Maria Gautier via Facebook says

I’ve read that vegans/vegetarians are lots of pasta and processed foods. You should lose if you stick to anything in its natural form. Like fruits and vegetables.

Sha Workinprogress Cleveland via Facebook says

Lani AndBrooklyn Sloan I’m still trying to get my mind right.

Megan Wilson via Facebook says

So awesome! Good for them!!!

Nathan says

go Raw vegan if you really want to lose weight.

Art Z. says

That headline would funny if it read “From Junk Food Junkies to Just Plain Junkies”.

Gheaţă Maria says

Lose weight, gain health, self-confidence, save the world.

Amorina Stotts says

Justin Stotts

Joana Vedder says

That’s right! It’s not about the weight loss so much but about the healthy life and energy it brings to your body!

Sharron Pos says

I was just about to say that Joana ! I never needed to lose weight, but needed to be healthier and feel better.

Lita Hallows says

Lisa Razo Jake was telling me you were going to try to start eating vegan.

    Lisa Razo says

    Yup yup????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Alana Beverly says

Natalie Selvaggio

Rob Patten says

Kate Earnshaw haha

Jeanette V Ceja says

Jesus Ramirez

Gary Martin says

Nice one. Great work

Jasmina Delic Kalac says

Wow they look so good, at least twenty years younger

Cassandra Brown says

Cynthia Knox, ready to start some 5ks?!

Tony Santos says

Are they divorced? Lol jk

Gabrielle Kathleen De Souza says

Jean Callaghan De Souza Allan De Souza

Stella Mason says

Looks like they got younger too. Crazy!

Jessica Dunne says

Josh This could be us

Joshua Paul Woodby says

Charloe Garcia Woodby just like us! We lost over a combined 200?

Rachel Amato says

Brittany Soda

Paul Perez says

Wow that’s an amazing transformation!

Suellen Diller says

Matheus Cardeal

Kattie Bailey says

Kris Bailey

JoEllen Neisz says

Shukla Sharma

Juan Trotman says

Being lean and physically fit is the best !

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