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Giant Skillet Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie

How much do you love chocolate chip cookies? Do you know that vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe is the most searched vegan recipe? That’s why we keep finding new ones like this Giant Skillet Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie.

My grandmother cooked everything in an iron skillet. She had a few sizes and she used them for everything. Frying, sautéing, baking, you name it. There is just something about cooking in an iron skillet.

Why is this vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe better than all of the rest? Well it isn’t necessarily, it’s just different. And huge. Did we mention it’s a giant cookie made in a skillet?

It really does have a different taste and texture and you will notice it right away. I really think it has a cake like quality and grabbing a big slice of it and eating it really makes me happy.

Maybe the best reason I like making this recipe is because it makes me think of my grandma. Maybe 50 years from now my family will be talking about how I cooking in a large iron skillet too.

Giant Skillet Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie


1/4 C. virgin coconut oil
1/3 C. almond butter (or nut butter of choice)
2/3 C. coconut sugar
2 Tbsp Flax Meal (for flax eggs)
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 C. coconut flour
1/2 C. almond Flour
4 oz chopped dark chocolate
Large flake sea salt to garnish


Make your Flax eggs first!
Combine 2 Tbsp flax meal and 6 Tbsp Water, whisk, and allow to set 5 minutes

Preheat the oven to 350F
Lightly grease Iron Skillet with coconut oil

Combine coconut oil, almond butter, and coconut sugar in a bowl

Beat until smooth with a mixer.

Add in flax egg and vanilla and mix until well combined

To this mixture you want to add the salt, coconut flour, almond flour, and baking soda

Mix well then fold in the dark chocolate

Distribute cookie dough into the skillet evenly, pressing down as needed

Garnish with sea salt and bake for about 20 minutes

Your cookie should start to brown around the edges when done

Allow 5 minutes to cool before cutting and eating.

Photo Credit: Shatteredhaven

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