Grilled Portobello Steak and Grilled Asparagus

There will never be a vegan steak I don’t think. Not only is it nearly impossible to duplicate, I think most vegans would be freaked out by it. I have so many vegan friends who don’t want anything resembling meat.

I do like to eat the vegan faux meats. I like the ones out on the market and I like to make my own recipes at home. The new bloody vegan burger that’s out now does freak me out a little bit though. That’s taking it a bit far.

I like to think of ‘meat’ as the hearty, heavy portion of my dinner meal. You take a vegan meat and add it to some light and delicious vegetables and you have made the perfect vegan meal in my opinion.

This dish is better than most anything you will ever find in a nice restaurant and it’s healthy and cruelty free. Did I mention it might be the best tasting meal you eat all week? If you already love portobello mushrooms you have to try this.

If you have never eaten portobello mushrooms then you must try this. The mushroom has a great texture and really absorbs the flavors so it’s quite delicious. You get a nice ‘steak’ that’s hearty and fully of flavor. You also get all the health promoting benefits of mushrooms.

Marinated Portobello Mushrooms

Marinate Mushrooms for several hours or over night
(olive oil, tamari, vegan Worcestershire, tomato paste, garlic, black pepper), Asparagus (olive oil, salt, pepper)

Cooked on the grill for 2 minutes, flip and cook until consistency you like

Roasted red bell pepper

Blacken directly on the flame
Steam for 10 minutes
Cleaned, seasoned w/ salt & pepper

The mushrooms were flipped and layered with the red bell pepper and a little Daiya Cheese to hold everything together.

Season to your liking and grill/steam as you prefer

Summarized from a recipe by What the hell does a Vegan Eat. An amazing blog you should check out!

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