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Guilt-Free, Rich, Creamy Pasta Carbonara

My infatuation with Italian food is legendary. For some Italian dishes it is pretty easy to come up with a vegan version to enjoy.But for other’s it is much harder. Consider Pasta Carbonara. This is a delicious Italian dish that features eggs, cheese and bacon! Needless to say, making this dish into something a vegan will eat that also taste amazing is quite a challenge.

With this recipe that I am going to share to you, you will surely love being vegan. It takes high protein tofu and tops it with thinly sliced roasted shiitake mushroom, a little olive oil and sea salt to make incredible shiitake bacon. It still has the same taste and creaminess of pasta carbonara with dairy products as the main ingredient, but without all of the guilt! Proceed to the next page for the complete recipe.

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