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Top 10 Healthiest Foods Ever

Why is it important to eat the healthiest foods? Studies continue to show that the highest causes of death are food related. We really do have the ability to control our own destiny in terms of our health. We do this by making the right choices when we eat.

Health and Food

According to the statistics from the World Health Organization, the leading cause of death in the world is ischemic heart disease followed by other cardiovascular diseases such as stroke, hypertension and others wherein an estimated 7 million individuals die per year. This contrasts to road injuries and other related accidents wherein over 1 million individuals die per year.

From the statistics, it can be seen that the top causes of mortality can be prevented by eating the right kind of food as well as integrating physical activities into daily routine. What is considered as the right kind of food?

What are the healthiest foods

Recently, TIME Magazine posted findings of the scientific community that ranks 50 of the healthiest foods that can highly benefit us. 42 of their top 50 foods are vegan! While most of the world might be surprised by this, its not a surprise to vegans.  From the research of Dr. Caldwell, Dr. Esselstyn, Dr. Fuhrman and others it has been shown conclusively that a plant based diet can not only help prevent disease, it can also reverse disease!

Of the 50 healthiest foods of all time listed by TIME Magazine the entire top 10 were vegan. In fact the top 24 were vegan. And only 8 of their list of 50 were not vegan. Of course we know those 8 shouldn’t be on the list at all. But how powerful a message this is to the average person out there considering their diet. What are the top 10 healthiest foods ever? Get them on the next page!

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