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Healthy Home Made Energy Bars

There is a place in a healthy vegan diet for vegan protein bars and vegan energy bars. Sometimes we are on the run and need a quick and healthy energy to grab and go. You can make the most delicious and healthiest vegan protein bars at home.

Who doesn’t need a nice burst of energy at some point during the day? I am amused by the 5 hour energy commercials where they talk about the natural ingredients and then mention some fruit or vegetable. I’m always sitting there looking at the TV scream “Just eat the fruit!.”


Fruit is one of the best energy foods you can eat. Your body craves fructose and carbs. And I don’t mean processed carbs that are high in fat. I mean lean, mean, energy producing carbs from fruit! You combine that with some seeds and a few nuts and you have a real energy snack that will kick you into another gear! And you will be doing it in a healthy natural way.

The best part about this energy bar recipe is that it only takes 7 simple ingredients and you can make them in a snap. This mixture is amazing in it’s simplicity and it’s delicious. If you are a vegan and you love the power of raw fruits, nuts and seeds then you have to make these home made energy bars.

There is no sense in buying bars with a ton of additives and garbage in them. You can make these and home and it’s really easy. All you need is a food processor, 6 ingredients and about 5 minutes or less!

Click here to get this amazing vegan recipe from Paula at Call Me PMC.

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