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7 Healthy Vegan Lunch Ideas That Kids Love

I had a mom say feeding a child Vegan was child abuse. You can imagine what I wanted to say, but I didn’t say anything. Going Vegan is usually something people do after a lot of research, thought and consideration. In fact I would guess Vegans are more likely to be well informed about nutrition when compared to the average meat eater. But that’s not the point of this post. If you know Vegan is the best for your kids you sill have to prepare foods they will love.

I know I sometimes get caught posting a lot of vegan dessert recipes and it seems like that’s all I like. But I actually eat pretty healthy. And it’s important that kids eat healthy as well. Just being vegan does not mean healthy. There is plenty of vegan junk food and I should know!

With the help of Blog Her I hope we have some great ideas for the kids that you both will love. You can get them all on the next page.

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