What The Heck Is Tempeh, And How Do I Cook It?

We get asked a lot about how to cook Tempeh. The truth is that it comes basically cooked for a lot of uses straight from the store. If you choose those options, cooking it is a simple as heating a pan and warming it up.

Many of the products that fall into that category are Tempeh bacon, Tempeh steaks, Tempeh crumbles, and Tempeh burgers. There are many more options that are ready to go straight from the refrigerated section of your supermarket.

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If you want to take control of the cooking so you know what’s in your food, Tempeh is pretty easy to work with. There really aren’t any complicated steps to cooking with it. You just need to know a few basics.

Tempeh is similar to tofu in the way it takes on the flavors it is seasoned with. Most of the challenge when cooking Tempeh is just coming up with a good flavor profile. Once you have that part of the process down the rest is really easy.

You can cook Tempeh in hard strips like bacon, cook it as crumbles, or even as thicker patties if you prefer. The size, preparation and flavor are up to you. It’s important to not be intimidated. If you can cook tofu then you can easily cook Tempeh.

Below are a few great Tempeh recipes to get you started. They are all easy enough that you can cook them no matter your experience level. You will be glad you gave cooking with Tempeh a shot.

Tempeh Steaks Recipe

Tempeh Meatloaf Recipe

Tempeh Memphis BBQ

Tempeh Bacon


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