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Hellmans Mayo Suing Vegan Mayo. Sign The Petition!

The corporate giants do not like having their multi-billion dollar animal cruelty industry threatened! About a month ago I learned about a company called “Hampton Creek” that was making some innovative Vegan products. Apparently their vegan mayonnaise has become so successful it is taking away enough business from the maker of Hellmans mayonnaise that they are scared. They are so scared they are suing Hampton Creek saying they can’t call their product mayonnaise because it doesn’t have eggs in it! Unbelievable!

A petition has been started to protest this billion dollar company bullying the new Vegan upstart company. The public deserves a choice! Especially a cruelty free choice!

Click “Next Page” below to sign the petition and read the details of this lawsuit.

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  1. The lawsuit is over false advertising. And consumer fraud. Mayonnaise is made with eggs. To claim a product is something it is not is illegal. Furthermore, Just Mayo makes a claim that their product “tastes better than Hellman’s” but has not research to verify the claim. Now I enjoy veganaise, its a great substitute for mayo. But they don’t call it mayo, cause it isn’t. And they also don’t use a picture of an egg as their label, further confusing customers. Do some research before jumping on the “big business bully” bandwagon. And if you ever own or operate a company, research the laws involved in false advertising, it’ll save you alot of grief.

  2. so if their mayo doesn’t have every single ingredient that the hellmans mayo has in it, then its not mayo? Thats stupid. Its big business picking on a successful startup plain and simple.

  3. No, that isn’t what I Said. I said if it doesn’t have the ingredients in mayonnaise, then it isn’t mayonnaise. Once again, that’s false advertising, and the egg on their label is misleading.

  4. Im sorry but that’s all legalese and the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard. I can make a brownie out of Water and cherry pits if I want to and sell it as a brownie. Just because a product has typically been made with certain ingredients doesn’t mean it has to always be made with those same ingredients.

  5. You can, and you’ll violate laws, and will be under litigation at some point. Lying to people in order to sell your product is UNETHICAL! Perhaps it was unintentional, but you can’t say calling out Hellman’s specifically and claiming (Without having ever performed a study, or any other kind of research) that your product is better…. yea, maybe THAT is why Hellmans came after them, the false advertising coupled with flat out painting a target on themselves. But hey, maybe that’s just because I’m a sensible person, and clearly you just wanna rage out on Hellmans for responding to unsupported claims, and following it up with other LEGAL INFRACTIONS. carry on, Vegan Addict, it is your right to live and speak freely, as long as you know you’re misrepresenting the facts. And before we get all slanderous at me, keep in mind, I already explained that I love veganaise, so it’s not that I’m supporting hellmans here, just the LAW.

  6. Do you find it interesting Arthur Gibson that Unlever sells a hollandaise sauce that doesn’t contain egg. This one fact alone will torpedo their entire case. They also sold an eggless mayonnaise back in 2006 and were not successful. Their lawsuit is a joke and the only reason they filed it was they were hoping it would be too expensive for this young startup to fight. But they were wrong. And they will lose.

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