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How To Cook Tofu Perfect Every Time

We get asked about how to cook tofu so often we had to make this post. This is a simple method for how to cook tofu perfect every time. You may be confused about what kind of tofu to buy, how to you press it, how to you prepare it, and other questions. Forget all of those concerns. This is the easiest way to cook tofu to perfection in minutes.

When we learned this tofu cooking method last fall we were blown away by how easy and simple it was. And it comes out perfect to eat in salads, with other kinds of meals, or even by itself if you wish! And there’s no muss and no fuss. Just a simple, quick and easy way to cook perfect tofu that anyone can do and get it right the first time. Thanks to the Vegan Zombie for this incredible method.

First of all you want to get Extra Firm Tofu. Don’t worry about all of the other kinds there are to choose from. Just grab some extra firm tofu and you are good to go. You should have a nice firm block of tofu that is ready for cutting as seen in the photo below. Don’t worry about pressing it, or getting the water out of it, or any of the other things you may have read. We are skipping those boring steps altogether!

How To Cook Extra Firm Tofu

Now you want to slice the tofu into four even flat slabs. Just stand it up on it’s side, use a nice sharp wide knife and begin slicing. When you are finished you should have four flat tiles of extra firm tofu that is ready to be cooked to perfection and eaten.

Easy tofu prep

Next you will want to put a skillet or large frying pan on medium heat and add some refined coconut oil. You could also use avocado oil as well which has a high smoke point and cooks up great. Just remember to not use virgin raw coconut oil because your tofu will wind up tasting like coconut.

cook tofu in refined coconut oil

You may not believe it but you are now basically half way through the process of cooking perfect tofu the easy way. There are just a few steps left and we will be done. Once it is finished you will have amazing tofu so good you can eat it by itself. And it’s great for putting in salads or other dishes where you need a meat substitute as well.

One the next page you will get the final few easy steps to cooking amazing tofu in just minutes. And there is also an video to walk you through the process step by step so you can’t possibly mess it up. To get the final steps to cook tofu perfect every time, click to the next page below.

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