How To Make Creamy Vegan Mashed Potatoes

If you are making a holiday meal, this is a requirement. You want thick, creamy, vegan mashed potatoes on the table or people will get testy.  There basically isn’t any way you can cook a potato that I don’t love. But creamy mashed potatoes are my favorites.

Since you don’t use butter, milk, or sour cream in vegan mashed potatoes you have to know the secret. Yes, you can absolutely make vegan mashed potatoes that are so deliciously rich and creamy you’ll forget there was ever any other way to make them. This may become your ‘go to’ vegan holiday recipe.

creamy vegan mashed potatoe recipe

Thanks to some amazing vegan chefs out there you can actually make vegan mashed potatoes that are more creamy and delicious that those made with traditional milk and butter recipes. All you need to know is one secret ingredient and a simple trick. You will serve some of the richest, creamiest mashed potatoes your friends and family have ever tried. The perfect recipe to complete your holiday meal.

If you are cooking for the holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas this recipe is perfect because you can make them a day or two in advance. Just keep them in a casserole dish in the fridge and they will be perfect the day you serve them. The secret ingredient to making them so creamy is a little ‘nutty.’ Yes, that’s an intentional pun.

creamy vegan mashed potatoe recipe

I found this recipe on thriving evergreen and fell in love with it. Hat tip to that blog for the pics and recipe. You can find out how to make amazing creamy vegan mashed potatoes by clicking here.

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