How To Order Vegan At Chipotle


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I think nearly every vegan knows about the Sofritas! They are vegan and amazing. In fact the week they debuted is our city it was hard for them to keep up with demand! You can order them straight from the menu and enjoy!

So what other vegan menu options are there? Several! Get them on the next page.

35 thoughts on “How To Order Vegan At Chipotle”

  1. I love Chipotle’s!! ….Although I wish I didn’t have to endure the rank smell of cooking meat everytime I walk in. The signs saying YAY YES WE HAVE DEAD PIG DO YOU BELIEVE IT??!! And vigorously staring down all the vegan options to check for signs of cross contamination….But alas….I do love their burritos and their willingness to include us in their every day menu. Sigh.

  2. We just ate at Chipotle yesterday. I ordered a vegan bowl and at the register the guy asked, ‘steak bowl?’ I said, ‘No, vegan bowl.’ He says, ‘Oh, there’s a piece of steak right here.’ …and scoops it out!

  3. Unless you live in Iowa. Went one time and there was a piece of chicken in my grilled veggie burrito. Took me a long time to go again. When I did, I got sofritas burrito and had chicken in that. I will never to go that location again. And unfortunately it is the only one around.

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