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How To Order Vegan At Hardees and Carls Jr

We are continuing our series on how to eat vegan at various fast food restaurants. The response so far has been amazing. These are some of our most popular articles ever. But we are also getting rude and hateful comments about how no self respecting vegan would eat at a fast food place. Or they will say something like “but what about GMO?” it’s still garbage food!

It’s sad that I have to repeat this in every article. No one is recommending vegans eat at fast food restaurants. Not ever once have we done that. But most of us live in the real world. Some of us travel. A LOT! If you stay in your same little town and never go anywhere it’s probably real easy for you. If you have told all of your family that no matter what, if they want to eat with you it has to be at a vegan restaurant, good for you! But most of us don’t live in that world. Sometimes we would like to accompany our families to a meal and the really want to go to Hardees. We can lose time with our family, or we can comprise. Personally, I love my family. So I occasionally compromise.

Now that I have gotten the the long and annoying disclaimer out of the way I want to say thank you to everyone who has been supportive and thanked me for trying to make their lives easier. You are why I do this website. If you want the vegan options for Hardees and Carls Jr, click on to the next page!

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  1. Great post. Sorry that you have to explain so much. People with any sense should figure out things on their own. I went to Chic-fil-A with my Daughter and GRANDsons. I ordered the salad without cheese and lemons for dressing. So if I suggest someone order a salad there, would I need to specify what to do or not do?

  2. Ugh- I’m so sorry you have to keep dealing with so much Vegan Police nastiness whilst attempting to do people a favor. I for one am enjoying this series and find it very helpful- we’d all love to have vegan eateries on every street corner but we all don’t live in Portland. I avoid fast food for the most part but if I’m in a mad rush or traveling I like knowing where I can pop in and at least fill up even if it’s not perfectly healthy.

  3. Pretty limited vegan options at Carl’s Junior here in Seattle area. If it was the ONLY option, I’d move. 😉 Fortunately, we have Veggie Grill and Chaco Canyon, among MANY other options. Come on, America…get your vegan on!!!

  4. Where is your full article on the fact that u can actually get VEGAN French fries at In-N-Out?! Like 100% vegan! Nothing else goes in the fryers! No chicken strips, no fish sticks, no onion rings, bread batters ect. Just fries. U can’t get that at ANY restaurant, unless it’s completely vegan. And to top it off those fries were a whole potato within 4 hours of u eating it.

  5. Hey, I work at a Hardee’s. I don’t know how this works at everyone Hardee’s/Carl’s Junior, but at mine you can order a veggie burger. It’s essentially the same as a regular burger, just without the meat. Order it without cheese and that should work as a vegan meal.

    I know it’s not the greatest option (especially with it essentially just being a salad on bread), but it’s just something I noticed wasn’t there.

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