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How To Order Vegan At Ruby Tuesday

Our vegan fast food series continues with a restaurant that isn’t really fast food. But it was requested by a reader so we decided to put together a vegan menu at Ruby Tuesday. Eating out as a vegan can be difficult. Many vegans don’t mind losing the social aspect of food with friends but others do.

This wasn’t a difficult task for me because I probably eat at Ruby Tuesday as much as any restaurant. There aren’t many vegan dining options where I live so I tend to pick places with great salad bars and they have a good one. Since they have some decent options for vegan dining I try to steer my friends to a place like this when they want to go out.

The big question is if there is anything else other than salad to eat there. The good news is there are a few things but really you should plan on the salad being the biggest part of your meal. And remember all salad bars aren’t created equal. I have seen bigger selections at other restaurants but at Ruby Tuesday it always seems to be fresh and crisp.

Salad Bar

ruby tuesday vegan salad bar

Ruby Tuesday has a pretty decent salad bar. Of course nearly half of it is cheeses and meats so there will be a lot of it you can’t eat as a vegan. But you can load it up and have a nice meal using nothing but the vegan options. Load that plate up with all of the vegan ingredients you like and then ask for lemon or choose the balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

There are a couple hearty sides that come hot and delicious you can choose. Check them by clicking next page below.

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