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How To Order Vegan Pizza From Popular Chain Restaurants

Did you know you can order a vegan pizza from most popular chain restaurants? Everyone I know except my ex, which may explain why we are not together, loves pizza! Especially vegan pizza. Prepare to learn How To Order Vegan Pizza From Pizza Hut, Dominoes, Papa John’s, And Little Caesars.

Most vegans choose to just make their pizza at home. For a long time I assumed that any pizza from Papa Johns, Dominos, Pizza Hut, or Little Caesars would not be vegan. As it turns out this isn’t true at all. You can get vegan pizza from all of these pizza chains.

Pizza Hut Veggie Lovers Pizza This is a simple, straight from the menu vegan meal. Just make sure they don't put cheese on it and you are good to go. I should also mention Dominos also has a veggie pizza and they offer a gluten free crust as well. (I researched the Dominos gluten free crust when they first came out with it and it was vegan. I see now they have added honey to the ingredient list. Since I know a ton of vegans that eat honey I am leaving it in this article)
Pizza Hut Veggie Lovers Pizza

Listen, I understand the ethical reasons to not support a pizza chain. I get it. But our website caters to everyone from ethical vegans to newbies on a plant based diet. And we try to help everyone enjoy eating vegan. It is our belief that the easier it is to do, the more people will do it and stick with it.

That means less animals killed or abused. And in our opinion that is a win. If you have a different opinion I completely understand. Just keep the hate messages to yourself. We are doing what we think is best for the animals and for vegans of all stripes here.

If you are a person who is getting excited about ordering a pizza like a normal person and having it delivered to you deliciously hot and vegan, then continue reading below. You will learn how to order vegan pizza from all of these popular pizza restaurant chains.

papa johns vegan pizza

Papa Johns is my favorite of all pizza chains so I’m going to start there. I don’t order pizza anymore. I just don’t support many chains anymore. And that is why I am happy to help others learn how to order vegan from these restaurants. Because I know where I was and where I am now. It’s a path and a process. And the easier the life is, the longer you will stay with it. And the longer you stay with it the more you will learn and move away from things you used to do. So if you are at a stage where you want to eat a vegan Papa Johns pizza, I support it!

The original hand tossed pizza dough is vegan and so is their sauce. This means you can start with those two and custom build any pizza you want. Any of their veggie toppings are fair game so load it up!

Papa Johns also has a veggie lovers pizza right on the menu. So you can order it if you like. But remember to request NO CHEESE.

papa johns garlic sauce

The best thing from Papa Johns? Their garlic dipping sauce. It is amazing and vegan! You will think it’s butter but it isn’t. So by all means get that and kick up the flavor!


dominos vegan pizza

Dominos pizza is a huge pizza chain with locations everywhere. And you can get a vegan pizza delivered to your door, no problem!

The regular pizza sauce is vegan and so is their thin crust. But it’s important to note that it is the only crust that is vegan. So order the thin crust with regular pizza sauce and pile on the veggies!

dominos dipping sauce

And just like at Papa Johns, they have several dipping sauces are vegan. The Garlic, BBQ, and Buffalo sauce are all vegan.

You can also order vegan at Pizza Hut and Little Caesars. We will show you how to do that on the next page below.

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