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Is Fast Food, Fast Death?

I remembered attending a lecture when I was in college. There were five lectures on the same topic about the chemistry of the human body. It was an interesting lecture because it covered several aspects of the human body from a molecular level to neurotransmitters to the factors in the environment that affect the human body whether good or bad.

A part of the lecture talks about the effects of fast food into the body. I loved the title of the part which is called FAST FOOD, FAST DEATH. The discussion delved into the chemical compounds that are mostly present in the processed food that are sold by the fast food chains and restaurants. These chemical compounds are nothing but trouble.

Fast Food
Fast Food

I personally agree with this because it is true. The effects of fast food into the body are not felt directly. To be precise, fast food is a contributory factor in developing high levels of cholesterol, the development of obesity and in turn these become precedent factors for medical complications. After years, if lucky, or perhaps months, the individual might die.

According to a news article from The Daily Telegraph, due to junk food there are around 40,000 deaths per year. This is quite an astounding number and this statistic is in the UK alone.

These deaths are preventable which is why the goal of this article is to educate you about the detrimental effects of fast food eating. The facts about the effects on our health are staggering. And you won’t believe how many animals are killed every single hour for fast food.

In the neighborhood that I grew up in, almost every household goes to a fast food chain. In one day, at least 1 out of 4 Americans go to such place. In line to this, One popular fast food chain in the US, feeds more than 50 million individuals in one day. This number of people are apparently more than the population of Spain.

Because of the constant patronage with this instant food, at least one million animals are killed in an hour to keep up with the demand. As a vegan, I find this very outrageous. However, what saddens me greatly is that because of the lack of proper food, around 60% of the US population are either overweight or obese. This leads the World Health Organization to declare obesity as a global epidemic.

Obesity leads to several complications because it affects every functioning of the human body. Among the several diseases that develop are hypertension, coronary heart disease, insulin resistance which leads to diabetes, respiratory problems such as asthma, breathlessness, greater risk for developing breast, prostate and colon cancer, reproductive system problems such as polycystic ovarian syndrome and impaired fertility. There are also several other complications that result from obesity.

Obesity In Children
Obesity In Children

It is estimated that if obesity will not be curbed, it can become the leading cause of death in the United States.

As vegans, it is our duty and responsibility to educate others about how fast food kills. Instead of living a long life, people are shortening greatly by constant visits to this morgue disguised as a restaurant. Apparently it takes seven hours, mind you straight, of walking to burn the calories from a super-sized coke, fries and double burger.

Source of this story: Viva Vegie

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