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Italian Arancini With Homemade Marinara

It’s time for another amazing vegan Italian recipe. This vegan arancini with homemade marinara is just incredible. Some of you may be thinking “great, but what is arancini?” It’s a common italian dish although not as popular as spaghetti and lasagna. The prep time for this recipe is minimal compared to all of the flavor you will get back in return. This may become on of your new favorite vegan italian recipes.

I’ll admit that I didn’t really know either until I found this amazing recipe from Dana and her website. So picture this in your mind. A nice rice ball that is filled with cheese, coated in breadcrumbs and deep fried. Then you take that hot gooey/crispy goodness and dip it in a fresh homemade marinara sauce. Sounds good right? It is! Of course this version would have vegan cheese as a substitute for the traditional recipe, but you get the idea.

Of course it quickly becomes apparent that this dish isn’t vegan as originally intended. And that is where this amazing vegan adaptation comes in. All of the flavor of the original Italian recipe but it’s completely vegan! One of the secrets that keeps this dish light is a unique ‘rice’ that I’ve never seen before. It really brings the texture of these rice and cheese balls together and gives them a lot of substance. It makes the base for these phenomenal rice/cheese balls


Once you cook up these amazing balls you will make a really tasty homemade marinara sauce. You dip them in this home made marinara and it’s heaven! You’ll also learn how to handle the vegan cheese in this recipe as well.

This delicious vegan italian recipe and photos are courtesy of Dana at Minimalist Baker. You can the the recipe for  Italian Arancini With Homemade Marinara by Clicking here!

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