Jackfruit “Pulled Pork” Recipe

I couldn’t look at another picture of Jackfruit Pulled Pork. I had to try it! I was not disappointed. I’m beginning to wonder if jackfruit isn’t the world’s most amazing vegan food. All I know is that this Pulled Pork Jackfruit recipe is pretty incredible.

Have you seen all of these recipes for Faux pulled pork using jackfruit? They look amazing. It looks like the incredible pulled pork  texture and everything is there.

Hey, I don’t need to eat vegan meats. I don’t need to eat vegan BBQ. I am perfectly happy eating a mostly whole food diet based on fruits and vegetables. But I like to try other things as much as the next person. You can only see pictures of this Vegan pulled pork barbeque so many times before you say “I have to try that!”.

I had to order my jackfruit since none of the stores in my town stocked it. So it was a bit pricey but not too bad. I got 3 cans of it for $8 bucks through Amazon (I’ve put the link on the next page with the video in case you need it).

I took pictures and made video the whole time I was cooking this vegan BBQ recipe just so I could share it with you guys. My only fault was I didn’t have any proper buns for it so I had to use some sandwich bread. I don’t really eat a lot of things that require buns so I rarely have them.

You can get my personalized recipe and watch the video of me making it on the next page. You may be surprised at how easy it was to make this vegan pulled pork BBQ recipe and how yummy it looks!