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Juicing for Weight Loss – Good or Bad Idea?

In this article we will try to answer one question. Is juicing for weight loss a good idea? I first learned about juicing when my mother was diagnosed with stage 3c Ovarian cancer. She wasn’t juicing for weight loss , she was juicing for her life.

One of the things we learned about from our research was that people who had this diagnosis and did a healthy juice fast had seen benefits. I’m not saying it is a cure. I’m not giving any advice for any medical situation. I am simply sharing my story. With that being said, I learned a lot about how juicing benefits the body, and even the mind and spirit.

I still recall walking the long halls and corridors with my mom at UAB hospital when she was diagnosed with her disease. She had been on a juice feast for 14 days and she had more energy and appeared a lot healthier than I did. It was remarkable. She was mainly drinking carrot juice and other juice recipes.

Juicing has been touted as the answer for a variety of conditions as a way to improve health. But is juicing for weight loss a good idea? You have probably seen those ads promoting a juice fast for detox. Some people call it a juice feast, but it’s the same thing. They promise amazing health benefits. What are the pro’s and cons of using this means of getting food into your body?

You have to give things like this a lot of thought because it is your health you are dealing with. If you are vegan then you are already past the notion that you have to eat meats and cheese and milk to be healthy. Believe it or not, that puts you way ahead of most people and their knowledge on the subject. Since raw fruits and vegetables are vegan it’s not much of a leap for you to juice what you have been eating. But is it safe? Should you be juicing for weight loss?

Juicing for Weight Loss

One of the problems with eating a raw vegan diet is consuming enough calories. This is why becoming a raw vegan is hard for a lot of people. You may love the raw fruits and vegetables but you may find it hard to eat enough calories during the day to feed your body. This is why most people who change from a Standard American Diet to a raw vegan diet begin losing weight almost immediately. And it happens quickly. It is also why most of them fail pretty quickly and go back to their SAD diet. They didn’t get enough food.

The main thing you will miss out on when juicing for weight loss is calories. Of course this is why it works so well right? Your calorie intake gets cut drastically. There really isn’t any way you can juice your meals and not lose weight. But this is where most people mess up. They focus too much on the vegetables and not on the fruit.

Modern medical wisdom and says that too much fruit is bad for you. It’s high in sugar and it will make you fat. So most people who try juicing concentrate mostly on the vegetables and miss out on the fruit. If you are going to consider juicing make sure you include some fruit in it to maintain a reasonable caloric intake.

You are also going to be missing out on the fiber. Fiber is much more than just the bulk that makes you ‘regular.’ It actually has a lot to do with how you body handles sugar and cholesterol. You must consider these things if you are thinking about juicing for weight loss. For more on how important the fiber in fruit is, watch the following video by Dr. Michael Greger from

This is why I don’t think juicing for weight loss is a good long term solution to a weight problem. Fruits and vegetables are definitely the solution! In fact, you can pretty much eat unlimited fruits and vegetables and still lose weight according to a lot of people in the raw vegan movement. If you think about people in tropical environments in history they all lived on mostly fruit and vegetables. History shows that they were some of the slimmest and healthiest people on the planet eating primarily fruit.

Today you have large groups of people who are mostly raw vegans and they mainly eat raw fruit and vegetables. Some of them, also known as fruitarians, eat almost nothing but fruit all day. Most of them have amazing bodies and appear to be incredibly healthy. One of the more charismatic people in the raw food vegan movement is Freelee the Banana Girl. Check out what she has to say about her mostly raw fruit lifestyle.

Ultimately you will need to consult with your doctor and proceed safely when considering what to eat or drink to lose weight. I personally have experienced great success by just going mostly raw vegan. I still eat cooked vegan meals but most of my food is raw fruit and vegetables. I can eat them in unlimited amounts so I never get hungry and I feel amazing.

Juicing for weight loss may be a short term solution but you can’t live on juice forever. And you shouldn’t want too. There are so many healthy and amazing vegan foods to eat and recipes to try. Just eat whole foods. If you nourish your body it will love you back. And don’t try juicing for weight loss without making sure it is safe for you. I recommend you find a qualified doctor that is also well trained in nutrition.

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