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“Just Mayo” Company, Hampton Creek, Raises $90 Million

You have probably read the news about vegan start up company Hampton Creek being sued by Unilever. Unilever is the company that makes Hellmans Mayo and they sued claiming that the companies “Just Mayo” product isn’t really mayo because it doesn’t contain eggs. If you missed the details of that story you can read them here.

I have tried the “Just Mayo” and it is my new favorite vegan mayonnaise. What I love about this company is their commitment to making plant based alternatives for a variety of foods and they want them to taste good! I think this is important for getting more meat eaters to either cut back on their consumption of meat or give it up completely. The alternatives must taste good. The better the alternatives, the more people will switch. It’s just that simple.

It was announced today that Hampton Creek raised $90 million in it’s latest round of funding. That is great news for the company, for vegans everywhere and for the animals! One of the people investing in this vegan startup is Jean Pigozzi. He explained his why Hampton Creek was appealing to him in an article from Fortune:

Pigozzi was attracted to Hampton Creek’s plant-based approach. It’s a very intriguing way of looking at making food, he says. (Pigozzi notes that he doesn’t eat meat after 8 p.m.) He believes the company’s model also taps into a shift in consumer behavior, in which people are starting to pay more attention to how their diet impacts their health.

Every time I read about a new successful vegan company or those with power recognizes the shift in the way the world eats, I get excited. Veganism is moving forward at a rate I knew would happen one day, but it’s happening right now! And remember to support these high quality and highly committed companies when you can. I know a lot of vegans don’t eat processed food like this. But any time you do, support the innovators and the people taking chances!

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