Just Mayo Products Recalled For Safety Concerns

I am one of those vegans who fell in love with Just Mayo. I can still remember the first time I tried it. I was blown away. It was literally the best tasting vegan mayonnaise I had ever eaten.

Like a lot of other vegans, I was also impressed with the mission and goals of Hampton Creek, the company that makes the Just Mayo line of products. They were a company I could feel great about supporting.

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I was shocked last night when the news broke that Target is pulling all of the Hampton Creek “Just Mayo” from it’s store shelves because of safety concerns. Hampton Creek has such a high standard it didn’t really seem likely.

What are the reasons so serious that Target would pull a popular brand of products from it’s store shelves? Just like you I wanted answers. What is wrong with my favorite mayonnaise and is it something I should be worried about?

It turns out that the safety concerns are both varied and vague. They range from pathogens in the production process to concerns over listeria and salmonella. A Target spokesman told Bloomberg the following:

The Target spokeswoman said the company received allegations of food safety concerns as well as accusations of manipulation and adulteration of Hampton Creek’s products. She said one concern involved reports of pathogens found in a manufacturing facility used by Hampton Creek. Target also received allegations that Hampton Creek products had tested positive for salmonella and listeria. Target said it hasn’t confirmed these allegations.

Hampton Creek responded quickly to these allegations made by Target. They maintained the high quality of their products and came just short of dismissing the claims outright, saying they were happy to work with the FDA to make sure.

“The allegations that our products are mislabeled and unsafe are false,” San Francisco-based Hampton Creek said in a statement. “We have robust food safety standards, and as such, we remain confident about the safety of all products we sell and distribute. We look forward to working with Target and the FDA to bring this to a quick resolution.”

What does this mean for you if you have a jar of Just Mayo in the fridge right now? That’s something you will have to decide for yourself. There hasn’t been any official warning or confirmation from the FDA.

Right now it just seems like Target may be over reacting to some allegations it received just to be on the safe side. I can’t make any recommendations for what you should do with your jar of Just Mayo, I can only tell you what I’m going to do with mine.

I’m going to eat it! In fact I think I’ll have a delicious southern treat today for lunch. A tomato sandwich with salt, black pepper, and plenty of Just Mayo.

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