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How To Be Vegan

A lot of people consider going vegan or eating more plant based foods. But many of them struggle with how to be vegan.

Are you contemplating becoming vegan but don’t know where to start? If you are, it could be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. There is a wealth of evidence that shows that plant-based diets are healthier. They also have properties that may prevent or even reverse such chronic conditions as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and even some cancers.

Are you unsure as to how to be vegan? If so, this article will provide 8 specific steps on how to be a vegan, which will help make the transition easier on you. Some experts recommend that you start by using substitutes or the vegan versions of the meats and dairy products you now eat. The substitutes for most meat and dairy products look, taste and have similar textures as the real thing. You can find beef-like foods at your local supermarkets with such brand names as Boca, Morning Star Farms, Gardenburger and Kraft Foods. For eating out, fake fish is available at Sophie’s Kitchen and many Thai and Asian Markets and restaurants. All of these fake animal products will help you transition. But your long term goal should be to eat mostly whole unprocessed foods. Your health will benefit greatly.

How to be vegan: 9 essential steps

1) Explore your reasons for wanting to be vegan. Is it because you want to become more energetic and healthy? Is it because of your love for animals? Do you want to protect the environment? Only you can figure out why you desire to lead a vegan lifestyle.

2) Do the research on what it means to be vegan and what entails leading a vegan lifestyle. Ask yourself, “Do I espouse the vegan lifestyle and believe as they believe about animals, animal byproducts, and the environment?

3) Based on your research, make a decision and express your intent to be vegan, keeping in mind that vegan is not only a way of eating, but a lifestyle.

3) Maintain a positive and happy attitude! Your tasks will be easier, and you’ll be more productive if you believe in yourself and view your transition as one that’s good, beneficial and in your best interest. Don’t dread becoming vegan but rather rejoice! Learning how to be vegan should be fun and rewarding.

4) Make a decision as to whether you will begin with meat and dairy substitutes or just jump right in with fresh fruits and vegetables only. Processed alternatives are neither healthy or economical. They will not help you stay on budget. Fresh fruits and vegetables are better and cheaper.

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5) Research vegan foods and recipes. Learning to prepare healthy vegan meals is better and more cost effective for you. There are hundreds of vegan recipes available on the internet. A large part of learning how to be vegan is preparing for success.

6) Learn how to shop for vegan foods and to read labels. If you are allergic to soy products, you will need to find out if any of your purchases contain soy. You can have a nutritious and healthy vegan diet without soy. Soy free protein powders made from rice, hemp peas and other sources are available.

7) Jump right in and start cooking! There are many simple recipes online that beginners can try. The more you try the easier it is to know how to be vegan.

8) Be a part of the vegan community. Post comments and questions on facebook pages like ours ( ) and try to meet up with other vegans where you live. Being vegan can be very lonely of you do not try to get to know as many as possible and communicate with them. Preferably in person and online.

Now that you have these 7 easy steps to follow, becoming a vegan won’t be so hard. You can now start enjoying a meat free diet with no strings attached.

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