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Mac and Cheese With Veggies

One of our top requested vegan recipes for this website involve cheese. Vegan Mac And Cheese is a favorite of nearly everyone. I think it’s a throwback to childhood for many. For others it’s just that creamy cheesy pasta goodness. It’s great to know you can make it vegan and throw in some veggies as well.

This vegan mac & cheese recipe has a healthy twist to it. In addition to the creamy cheesy flavor and pasta you get something extra. In every bite you will get just the right amount of broccoli and peas. There are also two large carrots in the vegan cheese sauce making this the healthiest Mac and Cheese dish ever. If you want to sneak some veggies in on the kids, or even yourself, make it delicious with vegan Mac and Cheese.

You can get this unique and delicious vegan macaroni and cheese recipe on the next page below.

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