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How To Make Vegan Sushi Rolls

Our “How to vegan” series continues and we are answering one of our most asked questions on the site: How to make vegan sushi rolls. I can’t tell you how many people over the past three years have asked us how to make vegan sushi rolls so it’s time to answer.

I have said this on many posts in the past about Asian cuisine. It is so easy to make vegan. The Asian culture and diet is so heavily rooted in a lot of rice, some vegetables, and very little meat at all. It so easy to convert to vegan.

how to make vegan sushi rolls

You may be surprised to learn that making vegan sushi really isn’t very hard at all. The hardest part may be actually making the sushi roll. Other than that it’s just some rice and your imagination. If you can dream it you can make it.

We have tried all kinds of  recipes over the years. I really like the spicy sushi rolls, the mushrooms sushi rolls, and those that use mango and other fruits too. The fact is, there isn’t just one way to make vegan sushi. The sky is the limit.

How To Make Vegan Sushi Rolls

There are some basic ingredients in a sushi roll recipe of course. You will need sushi rice to begin with. To that you will typically add things like vinegar and sugar. And of course you will need some nori sheets.

We have assembled three of my favorite vegan sushi recipes in this article for you. They are all complete with video instructions to make sure you get it just right. There is an affordable recipe, a more complicated recipe, and then my favorite recipe ever.

Easy Vegan Sushi Recipe

This is a great sushi recipe that is quick, easy, and affordable. It’s a quick video so you can be eating some delicious sushi before you know it.

Vegan Brown Rice Sushi

This take on vegan sushi uses brown rice which is different than the traditional sushi rice. This is something most people already have so it may be more convenient.

Vegan Sushi With Mango And Avocado

This is my absolute favorite sushi recipe ever. Two of my favorite things all in the same recipe, sushi and mango!

If you prefer written recipes or want to see more great vegan sushi ideas, check out this recipe for Sushi with Quinoa , or these Pink Sushi Rolls.

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