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My 5 Favorite Dessert Recipes This Month

My non-vegan friends often think that my diet is limited only to salads. Sometimes it irks me how stereotyped their beliefs are. The answer to that is to make vegan desserts for them. You can win anyone over with the right vegan dessert recipe.

When someone asks me what I want to go along with my coffee, I would most likely reply cupcakes. Why? For one, I take my coffee black and the sweetness of the dessert makes the bitterness go away. However, if I am truly hungry while having my coffee, I would opt for other food such as salads.

Maybe it sounds quirky; well, that’s just me anyway. Going back to cupcakes, I really like them. If I have a friend who is celebrating his or her birthday, if I have the time, I bake them cupcakes. However I do not give them just any cupcake. I make sure that the cupcakes I make them are 100% vegan.

The first on this recipe is called Vegan Lemon Vanilla Cupcakes. 

Vegan Lemon Vanilla Cupcake
Vegan Lemon Vanilla Cupcake

I found this recipe on Food 52 Website Here so you might as well check out the site!

William Shakespeare once wrote in King Lear, “This cold night will turn us all to fools and madmen.” However, the cold nights are already slowly dissipating and the sun is shining upon the countries with four seasons. To those who are living in perpetually warm countries, then this recipe will surely be of interest to you.

If you are like me who loves eating ice creams, the vegan variant of course, this Vegan Brownie Chocolate Ice Cream will surely be a treat! As a rule of thumb, no dairy and other animal products are involved in the creation of this dessert. Also, this is a perfect recipe for those who have lactose intolerance.

Vegan Brownie Chocolate Ice Cream
Vegan Brownie Chocolate Ice Cream

You can get this recipe from Minimalist Baker.

This sounds redundant to my ears and probably to yours as well but I keep telling my non-vegan friends that even if I went vegan, it does not mean that I no longer eat food that are delicious such as cheesecakes. I love cheesecakes! Although I have met people who do not like it but me and a close friend of mine enjoy making and eating this dessert.

As you guess, the next recipe in this list is making a Vegan Cheesecake. From the website of the Vegan Society, they have put up this lovely recipe.

Vegan Chocolate Orange Cheesecake

Make sure you check it out Vegan Society and try this out if you are looking for a dessert to serve your guests.

Mint, I love mint. I have a little space in my garden dedicated to them. I primarily grow them because I love infusing my tea with mint. However, there is another good use for mint. This perennial herb can also be used as an ingredient for ice cream. From the website of Minimalist Baker, they have put up a Vegan Mint Chocolate Ice Cream Cake.

Ice cream cake, doesn’t it sound so wonderful?

This vegan dessert can serve 10 people and can be made within half an hour.

Vegan Chocolate Mint Ice Cream Cake
Vegan Chocolate Mint Ice Cream Cake

To get more specific details of the recipe, check out the site Minimalist Baker. Your mouth will be watering with the four-layer vegan mint chocolate ice cream cake.

Occasions are usually marked with the presence of cakes. However as vegans, we do not carelessly eat the sweet course of food in front of us. Nonetheless, with substitutions here and there, we can create a Vegan Black Forest Cherry Cake. This delectable meal will surely be a perfect serving to any occasion.

I just love how the recipe is able to capture the same taste of a black forest cake but it is much healthier. Aside from this, it is also made of ingredients that you can find in your supermarket.

Vegan Black Forest Cherry Cake
Vegan Black Forest Cherry Cake

The Vegan Society has provided the recipe of this palatable dessert.

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