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The Truth About Beyoncé Vegan Meal Service

The news sites, entertainment blogs and vegan blogs blew up about the announce of a vegan meal delivery service from Beyoncé.

You may remember that Beyoncé and husband Jay Z went on a 21 day vegan diet to see how they liked it and the entire entertainment world exploded about it. I guess it’s safe to say they loved it because they have created a vegan meal home delivery service. Using their new service you can get delicious vegan meals delivered directly to your home. We wanted to know everything about this service, who creates the meals, who cooks them and how much it cost. Is it worth it?

We have compiled everything you need to know about the 22 Days Nutrition Vegan Meal Service on the next page. Is it good? Is it worth it? Should you try it?

beyonce 22 days nutrition vegan meals

Marco Borges is an “Exercise Physiologist.” He is also Beyoncé personal trainer. And now he is her business partner in a company called 22 Days Nutrition. Why is it called that? The assumption is that it takes 21 days to stop an old habit or to adopt a new one. So if you were deciding to go vegan for example, supposedly if you could do it for 21 days you would be a convert on the 22nd day. Here is how Borges is described in the press release announcing this new company from PRNewswire:

Marco Borges, is passionate about guiding people on the path to developing a healthy lifestyle. For over 20 years, this nationally renowned Exercise Physiologist has been teaching individuals to transform their lives and bodies through his innovative exercise and nutrition programs. As an author (“Power Moves: The Four Motions to Transform Your Body for Life”) and one of the most sought after fitness & plant-based nutrition experts in the country, Marco lives by a simple mantra – “I am committed to making a difference every day!”

So what about these vegan meals. Are the nutritious? Are they really vegan? Are they affordable? We have the scoop about all of that on the next page below.

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  1. It don’t matter cause she’s not gonna give up all her fur & leather & every other thing she does that involves animals

  2. I like the concept of this and that it is going to make it easier to try veganism but what are people going to do after the 3 weeks when they have frozen meat in their freezer and no idea how to cook vegan for themselves? I think it would be so much more effective if it included all the recipes or a cookbook or something along those lines

  3. She’s an idol to so many, this is going to be great for the animals whether you like her or not

  4. Just don’t say any other vegan meal service is better or Kanye West will confront you and tell you off

  5. Yeah she’s an asshole! Eating vegan to better her health but still wearing animals skinned usually alive for their fur!

  6. Great idea. Too expensive, shipping is extra and separate from the 15-30$ a day price. It’s a good thing she’s trying to do, and for those who can afford it it’s great. I think we should focus on the positive, and not bash her and others for previous mistakes. I’m sure most of your prior to being vegan wore leather. This is another step in the right direction, and it’s in the news and getting the word out. I think it’s fantastic.

  7. I wish vegan celebrities and chefs would take the opportunity to mention the animals instead of treating it like a fad. Regardless, it helps the animals so, that’s great.

  8. It’s a step in the right direction. With her fan base, this might wake a lot of people up to a WFPB lifestyle, with the possibility of becoming vegan in everything! Let’s focus on the positive!

  9. Who cares if it saves animals it’s good all the way around and promotes vegan lifestyle

  10. I thought it was kinduva given that a home delivery meal service is going to be primarily for the well-to-do. But hey, if she manages to help convert even one person on the fence (which she undoubtedly will), then it’s a positive.

  11. haha….. Everyone went vegan because they are soooo “compassionate”… yet they say things like “f her!” “she’s an asshole” “won’t spend a dime on her!” (yet they’ve never met her). Yeah.. you really sound so humane and warmhearted.

  12. Want the truth about beyonce? You do make deals with the devil, you do sign a contract in blood, you do give a blood sacrifice, and you do deal with fallen angels. Period. Serve self. But they want to EAT biblically? What sense does that make? Oh goes to show you this diet creates longer life. Things that Make you go hmmmm. I can NOT contort my face to make me look masculine no matter how intense I get. I never go into a trance like state and I’m unaware of my body or my facial expressions. I’m never having out of body experience. This is demonic and I serve the highest power. You don’t believe? Well then HEAR IT from people who know. Listen. Read their lips. Please see the agenda before you’re left behind. We are living in the times of Revelations. The mark of the beast is already here. Verichip made it. Soon to be mandatory. Taken in the right hand or forehead. And the chemical it contains if leaks out will cause open sores. Again all in revelations. Stop worshipping false idols. P.s. she is worth 350 million. Do you REALLY want to give her your hard earned money? Because me personally, I feel she has too much.

  13. Beyonce does not give a damn about animals! She is a great big hypocrite who eats meat and wears animal skins!!

  14. It is a lifestyle hopefully if she’s genuine about it she will consider the torment animals endure as well. However I do encourage people to start somewhere

  15. Ok. So we are skeptical of her. She’s not perfect but you don’t have to be a saint to want to do good. I was vegetarian for two years before I went vegan but it didn’t mean I couldn’t talk about it with people. But from her trainers point of view…. Genius!!! He wants to make a difference, how better to get someone who is famous to back him and promote his product! Right?

  16. She is NOT a vegan. She wears fur and supports the fur industry. She has come out and said she uses Veganism as a “diet only”. Basically saying she doesn’t care about the planet animals or starving. She is Not someone anyone should look up to

  17. Come on Vegan Addict are you serious about this article what a load of rubbish the meals are not even vegan and you promote someone who wears fur and has a plant based diet when it suits !!?

  18. Not defending her in the least – I am newly plant based/vegan & made the change due to health issues, not animal rights beliefs – so this is more of a question – if you eat plant based/vegan for health but still use animal products (fur, leather, etc..) are you not a vegan? If you are not a vegan what are you considered?

  19. i don’t like the fact that her company promotes veganism as a diet to lose weight and be healthy…it’s a compassionate lifestyle choosing to not contribute and partake in the abuse, enslavement, torture, exploitation, and murder of animals.

    1. I switched to plant based for health reasons. But I agree with you. There is more to vegan than eating plant based. I’m opposed to factory farming. But I have a cousin who has chickens for eggs and food. And he adores them. I know it sounds crazy. But if you have ever spent time, and I have, on a small family farm, it is a diffrent experience than a factory farm.

    2. If she eats her chickens….she doesn’t love them…and my mother and I ran a wildlife rehab and rescue. We had pigs, chickens, horses, sheep, dogs, cats, deer, peacocks. name it…we loved all of them, we didn’t eat them

  20. That’s she’s racist ignorant pos I would like to kick in face. And anyone that spends money is putting their monies towards Illuminati. #Wakeup. She’s a racist who thinks she’s better then you like her friend Kanye.

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