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Nutrition Vegan Diet Questions And Answers

I get asked all the time about nutrition on a vegan diet. Sometimes I just take for granted that people who are thinking about going vegan or have just made the switch know all of the answers. But then I remember my nutrition vegan diet knowledge when I started out. I didn’t know anything.

The basic questions is this: Can you get proper nutrition on a vegan diet? My broad answer to that question is absolutely. Your health on a vegan diet will be at it’s maximum potential. Research has shown that a vegan diet is by far the healthiest for human beings.

Nutrition Vegan Diet nutrients health

The next question I get asked the most is about nutritional deficiencies. It is true that if you live a vegan lifestyle you could potentially experience nutritionally deficiencies. If that sounds bad to you then lets put it into perspective. Vegans have a couple of vitamins or minerals they could be lacking in. On the other hand most omnivores are lacking in ten or more!

Let’s address the two main questions mentioned above individually and in some greater detail. So can you get proper nutrition on a vegan diet? All of the credible research shows that a vegan diet is the best for optimum human nutrition. It’s really not even close. Even when compared to vegetarians, vegans have much better health and longevity outcomes.

If you look at all of the credible research, nearly every chronic disease and cause of death in the US can be prevented, and sometimes even reversed, with a pant based diet. The only people who disagree with the research is the meat and dairy industry because it would make them go bankrupt if everyone suddenly understood this.

So what about nutrient deficiency? Yes, there is one nutrient that everyone asks about that can be a problem for vegans. It’s Vitamin B-12. But nutrition on a vegan diet is more complete than that of omnivores. While it is true vegans should take a B-12 supplement, and very rarely some vegans come up short on iron or calcium, that is nothing compared to the nutrients lacking on the omnivore diet!

It’s really easy to see that eating a whole food, plant based, vegan diet is best. Your health on a vegan diet will likely be much better. You will probably not have to worry about most chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes and others. And there is no doubt you will feel better!

If you are having questions about the decision to go vegan I hope this information makes you feel better. And if you want to learn as much about a plant based diet as possible I highly recommend It is filled with all the latest research.

If any asks you about these nutrition vegan diet questions, please share this article with them. Let’s spread the word! To look and feel your best and to be as healthy as possible, the vegan diet is the best!

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