Why Nutritional Yeast Could Disappear From Store Shelves Forever

I don’t know many vegans that aren’t in love with nutritional yeast. Many of us affectionately refer to it as ‘nooch’. Whether you just use it for vegan cheese recipes like these, or you put it on everything, it could be going away.

One of our most popular posts of all time was 7 awesome recipes for nutritional yeast. Vegans eat it by the container full. It’s alarming to know it could disappear completely, or at the very least become more expensive. All of this is coming as a result of how it’s made.


Most vegans have no idea where nutritional yeast comes from or how it is made. Here’s a little nutritional yeast primer courtesy of wikipedia.

Nutritional yeast is produced by culturing a yeast in a nutrient medium for several days. The primary ingredient in the growth medium is glucose, often from either sugarcane or beet molasses. When the yeast is ready, it is killed (deactivated) with heat and then harvested, washed, dried and packaged.

It is this culturing process that is getting the EPA involved. There are certain gasses emitted during the process of fermentation. This happens with beer, sauerkraut, and all other fermented products. And the EPA is working on rules to crack down on some industries not affected before.

I think most vegans are very aware of environmental issues like greenhouse gasses and global warming. The question will really be if these new proposed measures are really necessary or not. If they are then by all means implement them. We only have one earth. According to Veg News:

The proposed regulations would set stricter emission standards and record keeping practices of producers of nutritional yeast, a group the EPA calls “volatile organic compounds” (VOC). Should the new regulations take effect, VOC producers will have to provide detailed accounts of the fermentation process of each batch of yeast, conduct annual performance tests, and submit electronic reports of their compliance to a continuous emissions monitoring system.


Will the demands and increased cost to comply make companies producing nutritional yeast stop making it? It’s unlikely but it could happen. With the added man hours required with the new regulations you could definitely expect the price to go up. So maybe we should all stock up now?

It is worth noting that while the EPA contemplates more regulation and burden on vegan foods and fermentation, the animal agriculture industry continues to emit more greenhouses gasses than all forms of transportation combined. Maybe you should concentrate your efforts there EPA.

You can read the entire list of proposed regulations changes and restrictions by clicking here.

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Athena Sullivan Silver says

Kayla Sullivan Smith grrrr this makes me so angry

Brad Ray says

Trump’s EPA will go after us vegans, but they will ensure that oil and chemical companies have their WILDEST dreams come true.

Samantha Pestana says

Not a big fan of nutritional yeast but I don’t see how it’s even half as bad as dairy “farming”.

PlantBased SavesLives says

It’s ok government, we are saving money not buying animal products, going to the dr, paying for medication……

Caroline Garcia says

Stefanie Allise Newman Heather Michaels

Yesenia de Bruyn says

And yet, they are doing absolutely nothing about the meat, dairy, and egg industries.

Veleeta Davis says

Click on the link in the box. Read

Laura Caponera says

Rachel Gibas

Toad A Lee says

Never EVER cared for that stuff

Mike Seven says

Ummm yeah, yeast is an animal. Your a fake vegan fuck, how bout you go hang with the vegetarian wanna be’s over there??

Trishy Pinski says

Give me NOOCH and Sriracha sauce, or give me death ! (I am RELLY hungry right now, the death part might be less heart felt after I eat, ) ;-P

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