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The One Nutrient 97% of People Don’t Get

As I am writing this article, the holidays are just ending. Of course the holidays mean lot’s of family, friends and food. And if you are vegan they also mean a lot of questions. The number one question I got over the holiday season

Where do you get your protein?

It’s funny because there are so many things that most people have issues getting enough of in their diet. But protein isn’t one of them. I’d just as soon have heard questions like “What did you get me for Christmas?” or “When are you going to get married?”. But no, I got the standard old questions that everyone asks vegans. You know the ones I’m talking about.

Where do you get your protein?”

“What about B-12?”

“Don’t you get sick a lot?”

“Aren’t you weak all the time?”

I just want to walk around screaming to the top of my lungs “NO, NO NO!!!!!” But I survived another holiday season and I didn’t scream at anyone or, more importantly, stab anyone! Ok, so I would never stab anyone but it sure can be frustrating. The questions a vegan gets asked are never very well thought out and usually the person isn’t really looking for an answer, just a reason to argue.

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So I ran across this great scientific data that Dr. Michael Greger presented that showed 97% of all people get nearly twice as much protein as they need. Does this include Vegans? Yes. What about vegetarians? Yes! This large study found that no matter what kind of diet people consumed, everyone was getting way more than enough protein. This should put the protein question to rest once and for all!

The study did reveal something else though. Something very startling. There is a nutrient that 97% of people DO NOT get. In face, one segment of people in this study got 0% of this vital nutrient. That’s just amazing!

So what is this one vital nutrient that 97% are not getting? And this includes people on all diets, even vegan. Find out on the next page!

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  1. As vegans we have got to eat more real food. Just because something is vegan doesn’t mean it’s healthy. All processed food is devoid of nutrients.

  2. I definetly get enough of that “one nutrient”. I eat 10 bananas a day, plus berries, peas, dates, carrots, etc. Now protein is still hard for me to get much of. Even eating a SAD I didn’t get the recomended amount of protein a day. I get 33g on average a day. It works for me, so I don’t worry too much about it.

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