How To Order Vegan At McDonald’s

McDonald’s serves a lot of salads.

Unfortunately, only their small side salad is vegan. But you can kick it up a notch if you know how.

The first thing you should know is all of the vegan options and add-ons at McDonald’s.

Using this knowledge you can greatly improve your vegan dining experience if you find yourself sitting in a McDonald’s and wondering “no what?”

So take the basic side salad and then add on. You actually have quite a few things you can include to kick the plain boring McDonald’s side salad up a notch.

Below are the options you can add to it to get the best salad experience.

Side Salad

Salad Add-ins
Chili Lime Tortilla Strips
Diced Apples
Grape Tomatoes
Leaf Lettuce
Lime Wedge
Salad Mix

Cilantro Lime Glaze
Newman’s Own Low Fat Balsamic Vinaigrette

Now you are a master of the McDonald’s salad. Or at least as close to being a vegan master as one can be. That will help you a lot at lunch.

But what about if you get stuck in a McDonald’s looking for breakfast? Now that they are serving breakfast all day it’s important to know the vegan selections.

My favorite things to eat at McDonald’s are on the breakfast menu. In fact other than salad, their breakfast options just might be the healthiest thing they have on the menu.

I’ll show you the vegan options for breakfast on the next page.

60 thoughts on “How To Order Vegan At McDonald’s”

  1. I know we should always avoid fast food and encourage our children to do so, but as a mother of a teenager who recently decided to join me in a vegan lifestyle, I love sharing these options with her!
    When she is out with friends and they choose to eat fast food, at least she can find something to eat as well.
    Thank you for sharing these?

  2. So, according to this article, being a “vegan purist” is…???? You mean, just not eating animal products, like the word implies???? Why would you have to eat anything there? Why would you support a company that treats animals and its workers so horribly? Oatmeal? Because it’s impossible to make at home?

    1. Lol chill out dude. She explains WHY she has to go to mcdonalds. There are moments in life where you have to see the bigger picture. She isn’t going to support McDonald’s she’s going to enjoy her nephews birthday. As a vegan if you exclude yourself from these types of things you’re only going to turn others off to the lifestyle and guess who that helps ? Not the animals.

  3. The fries don’t have cow in them they are fried in the same oil with the nuggets I think. Doesn’t matter if they are vegan anyway because they have by far the most chemicals involved in the process of farming them to ensure no potatoes have bruises

    1. i work at mcdonalds and the fry vats are separate to the meat vats, and theyre cooked in vegetable oil im not sure why theyre not vegan but its certainly not that!

  4. Why did you write the article. In it’s basic form it’s saying a vegan can eat there and you are promoting the company. No one is calling you a souless monster ( a bit defensive) but as MacDonalds are one of the biggest purchasers of animal meat in the world one might ask yes you could have attended your family party but to actually write an article about it hence promotion for a unethical company seems pointless there’s always somewhere else to eat and something else to write about

  5. We also have a veggie mcwrap, it’s uncommon so they might tell you that they don’t have it, but we do. It’s under lunch 2 and a green button that says veggie mcwrap(some people like to add cheese and or ranch sauce, so make sure to tell them no sauce or cheese). The frys are cooked in a separate fryer and do not contain any animal products. They are cooked from frozen and are thrown away after 7 minutes.

    1. princess beyonce

      yeah uhm, I work there too and on the box of fries it says they contain beef, so they’re definitely not vegan. and as of February 4th all the wraps are gone except the snack wraps.

  6. Thanks for the info, I also get the oatmeal. If you are vegan and have children, I guarantee you have been in a McDonalds when you are hungry. The negative commenters have never been on the road with a car full of hungry kids. We try to eat healthy as often as possible, but these trips to McD’s are occasionally inevitable. I appreciate these articles. And those of you that never have to step foot in fast food restaurants, more power to you!

    1. Do you shop at the grocery store? Meat is sold there. Unless you only eat at a vegan restaurant or vegan grocery store (not sure if this exists) then you are technically supporting places that sells animal products.

  7. Thanks for posting this! McDonald’s in the UK has several vegan options including their fries, so to those giving you grief – it stopped a
    15 year vegetarian and 3 year vegan accidentally eating beef soaked fries not knowing! And yes I could eat in other places, but I actually looked this up on holiday in NYC when storm Jonas hit and EVERYWHERE but McDs and Dunkin Donuts was shut. Don’t be so judgemental.

  8. Sounding like a broken record here but … Why would any SANE “Vegan” knowingly contribute to the meat & dairy industry ? Even just getting a ‘McVeganstein’ or whatever crap it is called, you still give to the corporation.

  9. Sounding like a broken record here but … Why would any SANE “Vegan” knowingly contribute to the meat & dairy industry ? Even just getting a ‘McVeganstein’ or whatever crap it is called, you still give to the corporation.

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  11. Once or twice a year, I come home to my parents and my dad suggests a good hearty McDonald’s breakfast. Being a vegan over the years, I’ve tried educating him… but it’s now been 11 years and he’s the same and I guess it’s not my job to change him. Anyway, I’ve decided to go and enjoy breakfast with him. I hate supporting the company but I love my dad and the thought of just waking up early to go with his son to get breakfast (I suggest making him breakfast for him every time) just lights up his week. I don’t get it. But I’m about done trying to force my views on him. So for those who don’t understand why McDonald’s is unavoidable, it’s in cases like these where relationships are held more dear than my dietary restrictions.

  12. Hi! Thank you for this post. Can I ask you where you got your information from, and can we be sure that the enzymes and diglycerides, etc, in the breads listed above are from a vegetable source?

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