How To Order Vegan At McDonald’s

Not long ago McDonald’s decided to start serving breakfast all day.

This didn’t really mean a lot for vegans because they didn’t have many healthy options available anyway. And their all day breakfast menu is limited.

The breakfast options at McDonald’s include oatmeal and oatmeal makes me happy. Oatmeal is one of the healthiest things you can eat period. And when you are stuck in a McDonald’s its good to know there is at least one thing healthy on the menu.

So enjoy the oatmeal. I recommend getting it with fruit and/or brown sugar!

Oatmeal (without Cream)
Oatmeal w/fruit (without Cream)
Oatmeal without Brown Sugar (without Cream)

All Coffees if you request no cream, milk, sugar
Apple Juice
Orange Juice
Bottled Water
Iced Tea

That is pretty much it for any healthy vegan breakfast options at McD’s. But honestly I’m perfectly happy with a glass of OJ and some oatmeal so it’s good enough for me.

McDonalds has a ton of random parts that are vegan. This is where a little determination and creativity come in. Hey, nobody said it would be easy to be vegan in a world dominated by meat eaters right?

So the great news about all of these random vegan parts at McDonald’s is you can order them individually and build something insane.

You can match them up to create a vegan Frankenstein meal. I’ll share with you my favorite combination on the next page. I call it the McVeganStein and it is epic!