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Outrage! Govt. Makes Vegan Company Do Animal Testing

Government forces Vegan Company to do animal testing

The problem with Field Roast products according to the Canadian Government is that they are a meat replacement. And if you are going to sell a meat replacement you have to show what quality of substitute it is when compared to meat protein. Now that doesn’t sound too horrible until you understand what it is Field Roast would have to do to make this happen. Here is a good explanation from Care2:

The problem here is that, unlike tofu or animal meat, CFIA has no established protein value associated with wheat gluten. In order to demonstrate that meat substitutes can attain a suitable Protein Efficiency Ratio, CIFA needs a protein value for its calculations.

A Protein Efficiency Ratio is calculated by multiplying the quantity of protein present by the quality of the protein, according to CIFA. To figure it out, Field Roast would have only one method available to it — it would have to force feed an isolated protein to rats, which would then be weighed and measured as they grew to determine their overall protein intake.

As you can imagine Field Roast is refusing. Is anyone surprised that a company that pledges not to harm any animals in the making for it’s products would balk at having to force feed helpless rats in a laboratory just to make the Canadian Government happy?

As if that weren’t enough the government wants to force them to fortify their product with vitamins, minerals and other chemicals to ‘boost their quality’ to consumers. It is their assertion that the protein in the Field Roast isn’t fit for human consumption without some additives.

If you are as outrages by all of this as I am then take a moment to sign this petition. It may or may not help, but at least our voices will have been heard!

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  1. After reading the article, I’m veru confused… seems like there myst be other ways to measure/ determine the protein content of their proprietary blend. If we can test a foods caloric value by lighting it on fire, can’t we determine protein value is a similar fashion? Why do lab rats have to be involved?

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