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Paleo Diet and Atkins Diets As Deadly As Smoking

Do you ever find yourself in a debate about your vegan diet? It seems like at least three times a week I have some paleo diet lover telling me how great their diet is. I try to first explain to them than veganism is about so much more than a diet. Then I try to tell them all the credible research says a vegan diet is the best diet for humans.

Most Vegans have done their research and decided this lifestyle is the best by far. The research seems to be indisputable that plant eaters are healthier and live longer. But still there are all those high protein diets out there making health claims of their own. High protein, high fat diets tout their health benefits like lower instances of diabetes and blood pressure.


Have you ever had someone tell you how healthy their high animal protein diet is? Could that really be possible? Not according to one shocking report that says those diets are as unhealthy as smoking! Their study of over 6,000 people showed high protein eaters were FOUR times as likely to die as those on a plant based diet.

Could a high protein diet like paleo or or atkins really be that dangerous? Consider the following quote:

High levels of dietary animal protein in people under 65 years of age was linked to a fourfold increase in their risk of death from cancer or diabetes, and almost double the risk of dying from any cause over an 18-year period, researchers found. However, nutrition experts have cautioned that it’s too early to draw firm conclusions from the research.

The overall harmful effects seen in the study were almost completely wiped out when the protein came from plant sources, such as beans and legumes, though cancer risk was still three times as high in middle-aged people who ate a protein-rich diet, compared with those on a low-protein diet.

I don’t know about you but I think twice the chance of dying from all causes isn’t good. And how about four times the chance of dying from cancer or diabetes? When you compare these statistics to those of smokers, you have a longer life expectancy as a vegan that smokes than a non-smoker that eats one of these diets!


How can a diet that is worse than smoking still be considered safe and healthy by so many people today. It’s the diet industry that is to blame. If they can turn something into a book or program that can be sold they will do it. And people want permission to eat tons of meat. So if you tell them it’s healthy they are already primed to believe it. Because they want it.

Let’s change minds. Let’s change the narrative! Share this on your social media. Our friends and families lives depend on it. Click Here to read the rest of this article from The Guardian. Photo: Janos Csongor Kerekes

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  1. Why not? If its so bad for you and they end up croking isn’t it that many less people abusing animals? Kinda poetic that all that meat can kill you it’s like animals getting karma from beyond. …. lol j/k those diets are just pure crazy.

    1. I am a gluten-free vegan, and I assure you that my diet is not a “dumb trend.” It’s not just people with Celiac who have a legitimate reason, grounded in science, to eat this way. I have a serious allergy to proteins in wheat, including gluten. I can break out if I even touch wheat. It’s serious enough that I carry an EpiPen. There are other people who just feel better on a gluten free diet, for whatever reason. For example, a peer review study found that women with endometriosis improved on a gluten free diet. This is likely due to a decrease in inflammatory response in the body. You should really educate yourself before being so judgmental. I think avoiding anaphylaxis is a pretty non-stupid reason not to eat gluten.

    2. I do t think she said it to be rude, she means it’s nothing but a trend diet for people who have no legitimate reason to avoid gluten. You have a VERY legit reason to stay away from gluten, so this comment was obviously not geared toward you and you.

    1. Absolutely true. Read the China Study. It’s the largest, most comprehensive nutritional study ever performed. It was NOT paid for by Big Ag (hence why we don’t hear much about it). And it shows the exact same thing.

  2. Closed minded people will fight for what they think is right before even thinking about it or doing research, and they will say that you should be doing it their way.

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