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Peanut Butter Chocolate Layer Cake

If the idea of chocolate cake with a layer of peanut butter in the middle and on top excites you, you will love this Peanut Butter Chocolate Layer Cake. I love any vegan food with peanut butter and chocolate in it.

I loved peanut butter as a kid. It was so bad that my mom was always taking pictures of me eating peanut butter with my fingers right from the jar. I’m not sure I’d let my kids do that so I don’t know how is the better mom here.

Actually my mom was the best hands down. Not only did she let me eat peanut butter directly from the jar with my fingers, she would make me all kinds of recipes with peanut butter in them. I still make some of those, veganized of course.

This Vegan Cake recipe really reminds me of those recipes my mom would make. In fact this Peanut Butter Chocolate Layer Cake is really similar to some peanut butter chocolate cupcakes my mom made often.

Of course the difference between this Peanut Butter Chocolate Layer Cake and those cupcakes is that it doesn’t contain any diary or eggs. My mom wasn’t vegan back then but I’m happy to report that she is now. We both are!

A slice of this delicious vegan cake is so soft an buttery. You get the chocolate cake, the peanut butter, and some vegan chocolate chips tossed in just for good measure. It is more of a bread like loaf than a cake really. It’s really good with a glass of almond milk.

If you are ready to make this delicious Peanut Butter Chocolate Layer Cake recipe, just click next page below.

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