Why Are People Calling Her The “Psycho Chicken Lady?”

Sometimes when I tell people I am vegan I get a very shocking response. They will say things to me like “Oh, you're one of those insane activist that like animals more than people!” I do love animals and I am completely devoted to the vegan lifestyle. But I do not consider myself a crazy activist. And I don't love people more than animals.

The reason there is a perception out there about vegans is because of certain activists and organizations. Some people will do extreme things to get their message out. Honestly, I do not know if these actions cause more good than harm. I don't have any kind of data to back it up either way. But from my own experience I think it may do more harm. You can't get anyone to listen to your well thought out and informed thoughts on veganism if someone is convinced you are psycho before you even speak.

So I want to know what you think about this woman. Watch as she calmly walks into a restaurant full of people. What she does next is shocking. And some people are even calling her psychotic. Watch this insane video of a fellow vegan and then let me know what you think! You can see it on the next page.

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