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People Keep Finding Dead Rodents In These Salad Kits!

The news for salad kits this week has not been good. Two different companies that sell those salad in a bag kits have been accused of containing dead animals. I can’t think of anything worse than biting into a dead mouse or bat in my salad.

A lot of people buy these salad kits that include all your salad mix in a bag. These kits salad products are convenient and quick to use. Plus you don’t have to buy a lot of produce just to make a salad for a couple of people.

salad recall organic marketside spring mix fresh express

The problem with buying salads this way is that they are massed produced. It seems like at least a few times a year there are recalls on these salad kits for salmonella or listeria. They are packaged in plants where this can easily happen.

On April 10th Fresh Express recalled a batch of it’s Organic Marketside Spring Mix because a dead bat was found in that batch. While this was a limited recall to only one small area it’s still concerning.

Just a few days later a family claims they were eating a salad made from Taylor Farm’s Asian Chopped Salad Mix and found a dead mouse in it. They are actually suing the company, Sam’s Club where it was purchased, and more.

According to Digital Journal, “The complaint adds that Mrs. Barber poured the salad mix into a large bowl and added the Asian dressing, not noticing the shredded decapitated mouse, including organs and other several large body parts.”

salad recall mouse rat taylor farms asian chopped salad mix

This isn’t an isolated incident for Taylor Farms according to that same article. They list numerous times that their salads have allegedly contained dead animals or had salmonella or listeria concerns. It’s a trend going back several years.

The answer of course is to make your own salad fresh. You can wash the individual greens and veggies you put in the salad yourself and greatly reduce the odds of getting listeria. It’s also highly unlikely you will find a mouse hiding in your head of lettuce.

The concerns about salads, especially salad kits, isn’t new. You can find reports going back to the 80’s and 90’s on them. Here is one such report about E. Coli in salad that I found from 2006 by NBC news. See the video here.

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