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Perfect Vegan Memorial Day Recipes

It’s time to check out vegan memorial day recipes! Memorial day weekend is a time to remember the sacrifice of others and to be with friends and family. This often means outdoor grilling and BBQ. For vegans this can be intimidating. Especially for newer vegans. But there really isn’t any reason to get stressed about outdoor cooking as a vegan. There are a ton of amazing grill and BBQ recipes that are not only vegan but are so delicious your non-vegan friends will love them too.

We typically think of things like grilled burgers, hot dogs, pork sandwiches, slaw, baked beans and other things for those grilling occasions. The truth is you can still have your burgers, dogs and baked beans. You don’t have to sacrifice the outdoor grilling experience just because you are vegan.

We have assembled some of our more popular recipes that are perfect for this memorial day weekend. You can get them all on the next page! And remember to think of those who sacrificed it all for our liberty this weekend.

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