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Disturbing Food Recall: FDA Doesn’t Warn Consumers!!!

This may be the most disturbing food recall I have since since I started running this website almost three years ago. The FDA is there to inform consumers and protect them from dangerous food, unsafe business, and other things that affect the health of the consumer. But in this case of obvious potential food contamination they have been silent. Why? Here is what we know.

The Pictsweet brand of frozen vegetables voluntarily recalled a lot of it’s frozen steamed vegetables over listeria concerns. But apparently they haven’t posted any information about it on their website. So it’s good they let their retail chains know but why not post official information on your website? It seems that several stores that carry the Pictsweet Steam’ables Seasoned Summer Vegetables have tried to warn customer of the food recall but the results have been scattered and confusing.

Food Poisoning Bulletin says: “…many different grocery store chains have posted different UPC numbers and “best by” dates for the same recalled product. Some stores recall only one of the products; others recall two or more different products. Pictsweet has alerted these retailers about the recall.”

picsweet 02

The supermarkets so far that have indicated they have sold the possibly contaminated product are Schnucks, Giant, Martin, Wegmans, Tops Markets, Stop and Shop, and Food Lion. Another really disturbing fact about this entire incident is that many of these stores are posting different UPC numbers, best by dates, and even product names.

Another bit of information indicates that the problem is possibly because of onions sold by a company called Oregon Potato Company doing business as “Freeze Pack.” If this is true then other food brands that use their onions could also potentially have listeria infected products on store shelves. This whole situation is very disconcerting at this time and we have put in a call to the FDA for clarification.

The best thing you can do as a consumer is be safe. Don’t take any chances! For a list of products by store that we know of so far you can visit this link.

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