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Proof The Paleo Diet Is A Lie

If you are like me then you probably spent some time researching the best diet before you went vegan. One of the first was the paleo diet. It’s very appealing to think the best way to health is to eat foods high in fat. You know the, addicting foods that drive the SAD American diet. This so called healthy diet calls for eating low carbs and packing in the meat. Is increasing the foods high in fat and decreasing the foods with carbohydrates really the way to go?

Is the Paleo Diet a legitimate idea?

Did our ancestors run around trapping and killing large mammals for the majority of their food? Were they the picture of health that these paleo diet gurus claim they were? While most of us have probably suspected this entire idea was complete bunk we never had the solid evidence to silence those pushing this cruel and unhealthy lifestyle. Until now.

Ken Sayers, who studies primate and human evolution at Georgia State University, had some pretty compelling things to say recently on this subject and I hope everyone considering the paleo diet reads it.  So what did his meticulous research show?

The diet varied so much depending on place and circumstance that it’s almost impossible for anthropologists to generalize what early hominids, who adapted to living in a range of environments, ate on a regular basis.

Plants’ underground storage organs (such as tubers), sedges, fruits, invertebrate and vertebrate animals, leaves and bark were all on the menu for at least some early hominids,” Sayers writes.

The idea that our more ancient ancestors were great hunters is likely off the mark, as bipedality—at least before the advance of sophisticated cognition and technology—is a mighty poor way to chase game,” Sayers writes. “The anthropologist Bruce Latimer has pointed out that the fastest human being on the planet can’t catch up to your average rabbit. Another reason to be opportunistic about food.

You can read the entire piece on his study and findings about the paleo diet at The Conversation. Quotes used in our story came from a piece posted at Take Part. Please read them and share this article with anyone you know considering the paleo diet.

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